Picture of Principle

Due to COVID-19, we held two Virtual Year 6 Open Evenings as we were unable to welcome everyone into the Academy.

During the event Mrs Somerville talked about the life of the Academy as well as answered live questions that were submitted during the event.

In addition a series of presentations were shared.

We hope you enjoy these short introductions into the many aspects of Consett Academy that your child could be involved in if you choose Consett Academy as a first choice school for your son/daughter.

If you have any further queries please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]

Transition is a time of change. As we pass through the various stages of life we experience many times of transition. For students, it means moving up to secondary school. Others may change a job or take on new responsibilities or a new role. These are all examples of transition.

Transition is a natural part of growing up and of maturing. Handled well, it makes us stronger people. But when it is surrounded by uncertainty or negative reactions, it can make us most unhappy.

Staff at Consett Academy work hard to plan, prepare and support students ensuring that transition to secondary school goes as smoothly as possible.

Throughout the academic year we work closely with our direct primary schools to ensure that all primary pupils visit the Academy to experience a flavour of what life would be like if they attended Consett Academy.