How to Apply

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To apply to study at Sixth Form please download an application form here or contact the Academy for a paper copy.


1st Round of Applications Deadline –  19th October 2018

Students who meet this deadline will have their options considered when forming the timetable and are more likely to be guaranteed a place to study on their chosen courses.

Interviews will take place by 21st December 2018.

2nd Round of Applications Deadline – 15th February 2019

Students who meet this deadline will be offered a place to study based on the blocks already produced.

Interviews will take place by 5th April 2019.

Late Applications accepted up until 31st August 2019

Applications accepted until the start of the course, however we cannot guarantee to be able to offer first choices of courses.

Interview will take place as soon as possible following completed application form.

Enrolment will take place on 22nd August 2019.


Page updated and reviewed April 2019