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Home to School Transport – Updated September 2017

This page gives you information about home to school transport for students attending Consett Academy.

Please note all policy/criteria is set by Durham County Council and not by Consett Academy. Home to secondary school transport is administered through Durham County Council.

This policy is applicable to students who started secondary school from 1 September 2012 or later. Older students will be assessed under the previous home to school transport policy.

Free Home to School transport - Who qualifies?

Students of compulsory school age are entitled to free home to school transport to:

  • the nearest suitable school, if that school is more than three miles from the parental home using the shortest available walking route.

How is the distance calculated?

Distances are measured from home to school by the shortest walking route. Routes are measured from the centre point* of the child's house, or in the case of a flat from the centre point* of the building, to the nearest school entrance.

A Geographic Information System (GIS) is used to identify and measure the shortest walking route. The GIS identifies routes on the Ordnance Survey Integrated Transport Network (ITN) and Urban Paths Network (UPN), which are national recognised datasets. We will not include any other routes or use other methods of measurement. In all cases the GIS identifies the route to be measured by connecting in a straight line the centre point* of the child's house to the closest point on the nearest route on the ITN/UPN.

*In accordance with the coordinates of the Basic Land and Property Unit on the National Land and Property Gazetteer.

Please see the home to school transport policy for full details.

Extended Transport Policy

For secondary school children who are eligible for free school meals, or whose parents receive their maximum level of Working Tax Credit, free transport will be provided to:

  • one of the three nearest qualifying schools, if that school is more than two but less than six miles from the child's home, or
  • the nearest secondary school preferred because of religion or *belief for students whose parent(s) adhere to that    particular faith, where that school is more than two but less than fifteen miles from the child's home. 

* For this purpose, parental adherence to the Roman Catholic faith has been defined as where at least one parent and the student are baptised Roman Catholic; and to the Anglican faith where at least one parent is a confirmed Anglican and the student is a baptised Anglican.

The six mile upper limit to a choice of schools and the fifteen mile upper limit to a school preferred on the grounds of religion or belief are not walking routes therefore these routes will be measured along road routes.  

Policy notes

  1.  A suitable school is the maintained school or academy which, in our view, offers an efficient full-time education suited to the age, ability, aptitude and any special educational needs of the student and at which there is a place available for the student. Individual subject choices will not be considered in determining the nearest suitable school. For students whose nearest suitable school is in a neighbouring authority, we will, if the parent would prefer a school place in County Durham for their child, also provide free transport to the nearest suitable school within County Durham, providing that other eligibility criteria (eg distance) are met.
  2. If the nearest suitable school is a Voluntary Aided (Roman Catholic) maintained school, transport will be provided over the distance limit to this and to the nearest suitable non-Voluntary Aided maintained school.
  3. If you move house, we may be prepared to assist with travelling expenses to enable your child to continue to attend the same school where a student was attending the nearest suitable school prior to the move. The house move must have taken place after your child began GCSE studies at the school, typically in years 10 and 11. These arrangements will not be extended if your child continues into post-16 education.
  4. Escorts on vehicles are only provided for those students who have a Statement of Special Educational Needs or an Education, Health and Care Plan and only where these identify the need for escort provision.

Consett Academy

Our campus is located centrally and is on regular bus routes via Villa Real Road, Medomsley Road and Sherburn Terrace and is less than a ten minutes walk to the central bus station in Consett.

Taking this into consideration, some local bus services have been introduced or adapted to provide transport to/from our new campus. Details are as follows:-

Castleside/Moorside/The Grove

Go North East is introducing a new bus service at school times between Castleside and the school bus park, serving all stops, which will run as service 808. Times (amended 11.4.16) as below.

Castleside Church 07:51

Moorside Derby Drive Top 07:55

The Grove Selby Gardens 08:03

Consett Academy 08:18

Return journey leaves the Academy at 15:26.


Go North East is rerouting a current morning journey from Newcastle to Consett to run as a service X72 which will serve all stops in Medomsley running via Fines Road (08.10), then continuing along Medomsley Road, and setting down outside the school at the Leisure centre.

In the afternoon the current service X71 provides a suitably timed journey at 15.38 from the stop on Sherburn Terrace Grey Horse, which is a short walk along Ashdale Road from the Academy.

Shotley Bridge/Bridgehill

Go North East is rerouting a current service 46 journey to cater for travel between Shotley Bridge/Bridgehill and the Academy. In the morning the journey, serving all stops, will commence Blackhill St Andrews Church at 08.09 and will run anti-clockwise via Benfieldside Road, Snows Green Road (08.16), Cutlers Hall Road, Bridgehill Pleasant View, Chaytor Road, Pemberton Road, Melrose Court, Park Road, Durham Road, Number One then continuing along Medomsley Road and setting down outside the Academy at the Leisure centre.

In the afternoon students will need to make their way to the bus station (approx. ten minutes walk) to pick up normal service 45 or 46 journeys for their homeward journey.

On all the above services Go North East’s normal "Get Around" fares for young people will apply – either paid on the bus or weekly passes. Please note the Get Around scheme requires the young person to have a Get Around Keycard, which GoNE issue without charge. Please see their website for details at, or ring their Customer Services on 0845 6060260.

Hamsterley Colliery/Ebchester

Service 806 operated by GEM Travel will run at school times linking Hamsterley Colliery/Ebchester and the Academy.

Timetable for 18.19

A weekly ticket can be purchased from the driver at £10 per week or a daily return £2.50 a single £1.40.  The same fares are applicable from Hamsterley to East Law however from Shotley Bridge a single ticket can be purchased at a cost of 90p.

If you require any further information on this service please do not hesitate to contact the contractor direct, Gary Spark, Transport Manager, GEM Travel Tel:01207 299999

The Dene

A new bus service (8.05) operated by Weardale Motor Services will run at school times linking The Dene and the Academy. This will leave The Dene at (08.20), running via Medomsley Edge. In the afternoon it will leave The Academy at (15.25). Fares for this service can be paid to the driver and will be the same as the GNE fare, but without requiring Keycard etc – i.e £1.40 single, for all in students wearing school uniform.

Other areas i.e. Delves Lane, Leadgate

Other ordinary bus services do offer opportunities for students who prefer not to walk to the Academy. Some buses serve stops near the academy or in other cases a walk of approx. ten minutes from/to Consett main bus station will be required. You can find information by calling Traveline on 0871 200 22 33, or via

Go North East’s normal "Get Around" fares for young people will apply on their services – either paid on the bus or weekly passes. Note the Get Around scheme requires the young person to have a Get Around Keycard, which GoNE issue without charge. See their website for details at, or ring their Customer Services on 0845 6060260.

Lanchester Delves Lane Service

We are pleased to announce that Gem Travel will be launching a new Lanchester Delves Scholars Bus Service in September 2017. Fares from Lanchester will be £1.40 single, £2.50 day return or £10 weekly ticket. Fares from Delves will be £1 single.

Timetable for 18.19

For further information and booking details please contact Gary Spark, Transport Manager, GEM Travel.

t: 01207 299999



Further information

For more information on the current home to school transport policy, or the policy pre-September 2012 as applies to Year 11 students in the 2015/16 school year, please contact Durham County Council on 03000 26 44 44 option 2.

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