What our students say about us

Every October our new Year 7 students are given a questionnaire to gauge how they have settled in to the Academy.

The results are below (231 responses) for 2014:


Strongly Agree

My teachers help me to understand what I am doing in lesson   48%          51%
I feel safe in the Academy  39%   59%
Behaviour is good in the Academy 15%   76%
I know who to speak to when I am worried about something      57%      39%
Everyone is friendly            28%   60%
I like the food in the dining hall (20% on packed lunch)    66%   31%


“We are always pushed that extra bit to ensure that we will achieve our best in the future”

Emily, Year 9

“I feel safe as there is always people on duty and someone to talk to”

Erika, Year 8

“I know I make progress as my levels are moving up all the time and I’m learning new stuff every day”

Freddie, Year 8