Student Learning and Progress

Learning and Progress

All students in the Academy have a learning pathway; Developing, Securing and Mastering that is predetermined by their Key Stage 2 SAT’s.

This learning pathway is the same for all lessons and teachers use this information to pitch lessons at an appropriate level of challenge for your child.  Your child will complete summative assessments three times during the Academic year, after which you will receive a data report detailing their performance against this pathway.

The VLE provides a great deal of information including; dates of assessments during AW1, expected outcomes of each of the learning pathways in each subject, curriculum overview in each subject and specific resources to support your child.

If you have any further questions regarding the information, then please contact the relevant Achievement Leader.

Progress and Attainment

In Key Stage 3 we have found that if we base our work with students on scores, levels and marks they focus on these rather than on what they do know and what they need to learn next.  Therefore in lessons and through our marking and feedback we concentrate on discussing the specific skills.  These are based around skills hierarchies which show the different types and level of skills in each subject.  From using these skills students can see what progress they are making.

Clearly it is also important parents and carers know what progress their child is making.  For reporting purposes we do not use out of date national curriculum levels.  As the courses at Key Stage 3 and 4 have changed it would be inappropriate to use these.  Instead we have two ways of highlighting what a child can do.

  • English and Maths - Parents will receive regular information about what their children can do measured against the new GCSE 1-9 scale.  Over the course of Key Stage 3 students should move up this scale.
  • Other Subjects - As the new GCSEs are introduced to other subjects reporting will be moved to the criteria for these new courses.  Clearly though we cannot wait until this happens so other subjects will be reported using a scale based around age related expectations.


Key Stage 4

As students need to more clearly understand what they are achieving in relation to grades, GCSE and Vocational grades are used increasingly in lessons and feedback.

We have also used the available national data to set Progress8 expectations for each student.  This is based on ensuring students at least reach the Key Stage 4 grades attained nationally by students with the same Key Stage 2 SAT score.  We would stress this is a minimum expectation, not a target and we would expect many students to surpass  these expectations.  These Progress 8 expectations are shared with teachers and students.


Key Stage 5

Students in Key Stage 5 are set targets based on what they achieved in Key Stage 4.  These are shared with teachers, students and parents and are used as the basis for measuring progress.






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