Ofqual update regarding examination grades

 9th April 2020 - Ofqual have released a video to explain how student grades will be calculated for the Summer:


As you will be aware today we have received information from Ofqual on how grades will be determined for students following external examinations and the part the teachers will play in ensuring the process is delivered in a valid, fair and principled way. More around how we, as a school, will approach this after the Easter holidays.

The relevant document  can be found on our website but to summarise:

  • Teachers will say what grade each candidate would likely have achieved in the summer, taking into account as much evidence as possible
  • For each subject, every candidate being suggested a grade has to then be ranked against all other students being suggested for the same grade (e.g. for your students you submit a 5 for in maths, rank each of them with the most secure 5 at the top down to the least secure / closest to a 4 at the bottom).
  • Centres will have to submit this by 29th May
  • Ofqual are still working on a formula to award final grades. This will take account of the teacher assessment, normal grade distribution, as well as the prior attainment of the cohort, and recent results of your school. There is little detail about this yet.
  • Schools must not reveal the teacher assessed grades to students or parents.
  • Results will be out at least by the normal date, if not slightly earlier
  • Students will be able appeal, and will be able to sit the exams at their earliest possibility if they’re unhappy with the grade given.