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  • Consett Academy’s Mission X
    8th June 2020

    I’m sure everybody was inspired by the successful launch of the Space X Mission on Saturday 30th May 2020. Well today, Consett Academy’s Mission X has launched! To find out more about this and how you can get involved please watch the video. Read More

  • Empathy Day 9th June

    Empathy Day 9th June
    4th June 2020

    What is empathy and why is it important? Empathy is when you put yourself in the place of others and can feel for what they're going through. It's a complex emotion, so it takes years to learn. Empathy is a vital human force which has come into sharp focus during the pandemic. Right now, we’ve never needed it more. Read More

  • 60 Second Book Review – Watch Miss Horth’s review now!

    60 Second Book Review – Watch Miss Horth’s review now!
    4th June 2020

    Miss Horth reviews ‘The Baby-Sitters Club: Kristy’s Great Idea’ illustrated by Raina Telgemeier (from the novel by Ann M. Martin) – a graphic novel about friendship, family and adventures in babysitting. Read More

  • Audiobook Appreciation Month

    Audiobook Appreciation Month
    2nd June 2020

    Audiobooks are a great way to access books. As well as being enjoyable research* Read More

  • Name the Book Competion

    Name the Book Competion
    22nd May 2020

    Many congratulations to our highest-scoring students. Prizes will be sent out in the post to our winners next week. Read More