Bright futures ahead for our A Level Class of 2020

In a year like no other, our Year 13 students received their calculated grades today.  There were mixed emotions as students received these grades knowing that they were unable to have sat the actual examinations.  

The hard work and diligence demonstrated over their courses have helped to prepare them for the next stages of their journey, whether that be heading off to University, taking a year out or starting on an Apprenticeship.  Whatever they are moving onto, they go with the knowledge that they have the resilience and determination to succeed in whatever they set their minds to.

The Class of 2020 have missed out on celebrating in the usual style, but we cannot let them leave without sharing some of the success stories and how proud we are of each and everyone of them for making that next steps towards their careers.

Among the students celebrating today are:

Sophie B, who plans to accept her offer of a place at Lancaster University to study Fine Art and Design.

Daniel B, who plans to accept his offer of a place at Lancaster University to study Natural Sciences.

Sanjeev H, who plans to accept his offer of a place at University of Cambridge to study Engineering.

Leigh R, who plans to accept her offer of a place at University of Sunderland to study Primary Education.

Miss Laura Jobling, Head of Sixth Form at Consett Academy comments,

 “This year, more so than ever, I am so proud of our students’ hard work and resilience. They have shown continued dedication to their A‘ levels, despite the difficult circumstances. Over the past two years I have seen them grow into thoughtful, compassionate and caring young adults who are a credit to their families and the community. Even though the students could not sit the final exams, the skills, knowledge and qualities they have developed over the past two years will enable them to be successful in their future careers. I wish them all the best in the next step of their journey.

Mrs RachelSomerville,Director of School atConsettAcademy comments,Today we have seen yet another example of how Consett Academystudentsare an amazing group of individuals.  In the face of adversity, they have shown resilience and determination.  They are leaving the Academy ready to start the next adventure which I hope brings with it the right sort of challenges and success that each and every one of them deserves.  I am sure that they will thrive in their individual paths and I look forward to hearing their successes in years to come.  I wish them the very best for their future.

Staff are now preparing for enrolment of next year’s Sixth Form

Students can enrol to join Year 12 on 20th August 2020.

Please see letter that all students received today that has full details on the appeal process.

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