Consett Academy's Favourite Chocolate Treats

Consett Academy’s Favourite Chocolate Treats

Thanks to those staff and students who completed the survey. 

The results are in! Consett Academy’s favourite  chocolate bar (based on a small sample of 53 individuals) is.......


Cadbury’s Marvellous Creations took second place , with crunchie and galaxy in joint 3rd place.

We eat a good variety of chocolate, with no less than 22 different bars featuring in the survey. Chocolate has been good comfort food during the Covid-19 pandemic, those surveyed have eaten on average 1.5 bars during lockdown so far. Although 28% of those surveyed have eaten 5 or more bars!

There were also some great suggestions for new flavours and shapes of chocolate bar, a few of which have been shared here. Perhaps there are some future inventors among our students?!

Have a great summer and enjoy your chocolate fix!

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