Launch of Scholars Programme

The trip took the students to Newcastle University, where they were given advice about the further education experience by PhD graduates along with currently students. The students were introduced to the start of the Scholars Program, which they will be completing over the next 6 weeks, that includes essay writing and studying a university topic. The program aims to teach the students skills that may be useful if they choose to attend university in the future. It was very interesting and the students learnt a wide range of information that can be important to them. There are 3 groups, year 12 are all together and year 9 and 10 have been split into groups of 6 to complete their tasks and work with their tutor. These tutors will be meeting up with the students every other week with the students on our site for group meeting to prepare them for their 2,000 word essay at the end of the program. At the end of this program when we have collected our feedback from our final assessment we have our own mini-graduation.  All students will be researching food!  The Year 12s project is called “From plate to premier league: where do our footballers get their energy?” and the Year 9/10 project is “Why should I care about how my food is made?”.