Business Breakfast Update

Today selected students, across all year groups, participated in a Business Breakfast with visiting representatives from five local Businesses (Briary Garden Services, UNW accountancy, Valued Accountancy, Department for Work and Pensions, Building Self Belief).  This was a unique opportunity for visitors to share their employment experiences with students and in turn, for students to ask questions to gain real insight into the world of work.

This was a very positive experience with many students taking home valuable messages:

“I have learned that qualifications are important but they are not everything. It is important to develop additional skills by doing extra-curricular activities too, to set myself apart from the competition when I apply for jobs.”

“It’s not always what you know, it’s who you know. Having good contacts can help you get work experience.”

“I am more confident in knowing where I can go to find out information about different job opportunities.”

All students in the Academy can find out more information about higher education routes, jobs, volunteering opportunities and extra-curricular activities by following the links below.

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