Defiant Voices - Poetry Project

Defiant Voices - Poetry Project

On Thursday 27th June we were delighted to welcome back poets Lisette Auton, Bob Beagrie and Kirsten Luckins for the second day of our poetry project. The project was a collaboration between a group of the Academy's Year 8 and 9 students, The Forge (County Durham's participatory arts organisation) and three* wonderful visiting poets.

Over the course of the two days, through workshops with each of the poets, students were encouraged to think creatively about the words and formats of the poems they were writing. They were also given some insight as to how their poems could be presented to an audience. Themes that students considered were identity, the world in which they live and the changes they would like to see in the world.

The project culminated in a fantastic showcase in which our visiting poets performed some of their own work, but which also gave our students the opportunity to present the incredibly creative, and at times, very moving and personal poems they had created.

Miss Horth, who helped to organise the project, said, 'I was completely overwhelmed by the hard work, creativity and willingness of our students to put their hearts and souls into the work they produced. I was particularly proud of them for standing up and presenting their work in front of an audience - something that can be quite intimidating to do especially when the work is so personal. The Academy would like to thank Lisette, Bob and Kirsten* for their work in helping our students to start to realise their creative potential and we would also like to extend our thanks to The Forge (especially Beverley Briggs), Arts Council England and Durham County Council for their support in setting up this project.'

*thanks must also be extended to poet Katharine Goda, who worked with students during day one of the project but was unable to attend day two as she is now on maternity leave!

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