Bullet Journaling - Taster Session

Bullet Journaling - Taster Session
Students attending Homework Club in the LRC were treated to a special 'bullet journal' session led by Mrs Yates.

What is a bullet journal?
Quite simply, a bullet journal is an easy, tech-free way to keep yourself organised. It’s kind of like a calendar, to-do list, scrapbook, diary and notepad, all in one. All you have to do is set it up, and then use it! No two bullet journals are the same - the creator can customise their journal to reflect their lives. It can be an effective way of helping students to organise their thoughts, ideas and to-do lists and can help those who feel overwhelmed and anxious.

Participants of the taster session enjoyed it so much that Mrs Yates has agreed to come along to Homework Club again and run some more! Further dates/times will be confirmed soon.