New Librarians

Welcome new student librarians!

Miss Horth is delighted to announce that the following students will be joining Ben O, Tariq A-B, Anna C and Kyle A on the LRC's student librarian team after the Christmas holiday.

Miss Horth was extremely impressed with the quality of all of the successful students' application forms and interviews and looks forward to implementing some of their ideas over the coming months.

Congratulations to all of them and welcome to the team.

Year 7

Brooke A

Zoe B

Eilish C

Ryan C-L

Sophie F

Eve J

Karina L W

Amber M

Ellie S

Elizabeth T

Kieran V


Year 8

Jennie-Leigh A

Ngila D

Jack G

Grace P

Logan W


Year 9

Anna B

Abby D

Julia P