Consett Academy Students Succeed in Hardest GCSEs for a Generation


Students of all abilities at Consett Academy have performed well across a wide range of GCSE subjects, with an overall attainment across the best 8 subjects expected to be in line with national average.  Half of all students in Year 11 attained good passes in English and Mathematics.  Once again, students have done well in English (71% gaining a pass at grade 4+) which will help them considerably in their future studies and training.

Behind these statistics are countless stories of success, sometimes against all the odds; many students will be celebrating today, with almost 50 grade 8 and 9’s being awarded. The governors and staff are very proud of the considerable effort and hard work of this year group.

Among the students celebrating today were:

Sanjeev Singh Haire, achieved Grade 9 in 4 subjects, Grade 8 in 3 subjects, 2 A* and 2 A Grades.  Sanjeev plans to accept his offer of a place to study Business Studies, Physics, Mathematics and Further Mathematics at Consett Academy Sixth Form.

Andre Ridley, achieved Grade 9 in 4 subjects, Grade 8 in 2 subjects, Grade 7 in 2 subjects and 1 A* and 1A Grade.  Andre plans to accept his offer of a place to study Biology, Mathematics and Physics at Consett Academy Sixth Form.

Erin Cooper, achieved Grade 7 in 5 subjects, Grade 6 in 2 subjects, Grade 6 in 4 subjects, Grade 5 in 1 subject.  Erin plans to accept her offer of a place to study Biology, Chemistry, Spanish at Consett Academy Sixth Form.

Mrs R Somerville, Director of School and Curriculum, at Consett Academy commented, “For all of our Year 11 students these results are a culmination of several years of hard work.  There have been many emotions shared throughout this time from frustration to elation and I hope that all students recognise their efforts in the results they receive.  I am delighted that many of the students are staying on to complete their A Levels with us and look forward to supporting them achieve A Level success.  For those who are embarking on new courses in new establishments I also wish them every success in their next steps.  Once again, I would like to thank staff who have continued to support the students in achieving success in their GCSEs. ”

Staff are enrolling students into the Sixth Form on 23rd & 24th August 2018.

Consett Academy Sixth Form will be holding an Open Evening on Thursday 20th September at 6.00pm for any Year 11 students who are interested in joining our successful Sixth Form in September 2019.  To find out more about what Consett Academy Sixth Form has to offer go to

Consett Academy will be holding Year 6 Open Evenings on Tuesday 25th September and Wednesday 26th September at 6.00pm.  This showcase event offers parents and students the opportunity to meet key members of staff, and to see what fantastic opportunities Consett Academy offers all students.