Wembley Stadium experience, Women’s FA Cup Final, 5th May 2018

Six students, along with over 40 other students from five Durham secondary schools were given free tickets to the recent SSE Women’s FA Cup Final from education recruitment agency Vision for Education and Durham Women’s Football Club.

The following was written by Rebecca Emery, Year 8

“When I got told that I was going to Wembley to watch the women’s FA Cup Final it all felt so surreal. I was counting down the days until I was going but finally the day came I was so eager to get there. The 6-hour bus journey was uneventful but all I could think about was the day ahead. We were five minutes away and I could see the prominent, neutral coloured arch and I immediately knew that we were near. When we pulled up outside it all felt like I was daydreaming it seamed so unreal.

When we started to walk out towards the fan zone it was so crowded! It immediately hit me that it must be so nerve-racking playing in front of a crowd that can reach up to 90,000! As we were walking through to get into the turnstile and the first thought that hit me was “wow, this is so much different to the Stadium of Light!” There were escalators instead of stairs; security scanners rather than people! It was a big upgrade from the normal stadiums. When we walked to our seats, we would hear the vast crowd chanting “Arsenal, Arsenal!” and “Chelsea, Chelsea!” at this moment I knew that it would be an exciting game.

When we stepped out of the doors it all seemed even more surreal the stadium was huge and that was without all the seats filled. We found our seats and they were not just ordinary seats that you find in a stadium they were padded with a cushion and they had cup holders. It was luxury compared to ordinary stadiums. During the match there was a Mexican wave that included the whole stadium it was so cool! When Chelsea scored we, all celebrated even though we were sat in the Arsenal end but we weren’t really supporting anyone as we didn’t really mind who won. Then Chelsea scored three other goals and went on to win. We stayed to watch Chelsea lift the trophy and all I could think was how hard they must have worked to get there.

Once the match was over, we walked through the super colossal crowd and we made it too our bus. When we were all sat down the bus was so loud because everyone as talking about the day we had.

I loved it so much and will never forget this day!”

Many thanks to Vision for Education for giving our students this fantastic opportunity. https://www.visionforeducation

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