Erasmus+ Programme trip to Spain

As part of our Erasmus+ programme, ten students and three members of staff travelled to Leon, Spain during the Easter holiday for a ten day residential trip.

James, Emma and Logan told about their adventures on the trip.

‘Well, our first plane was delayed from Newcastle Airport but we managed to get to Heathrow in time for the next flight to Madrid,’ James explained. ‘Once we arrived in Madrid we had a four hour coach journey to take us the rest of the way to Leon! We were joined on the coach by other students and teachers from Italy.’

‘The place we stayed wasn’t really what I expected,’ Logan added. ‘We were staying in cabins rather than a hotel like those you stay in if you are on holiday in Spain. There was a little square in the middle of the cabins where everyone would meet up. We took part in different activities and games around the camp and there were actually football pitches and basketball courts behind the cabins.’

‘Although I wasn’t really keen on the food, I did really enjoy the hot chocolate that we could have where we were staying,’ Emma said.

‘While we were there we went on trips to a palace and some huge caves which were lit up, which was interesting,’ James explained. ‘The weather was not typical Spanish holiday weather – it actually snowed one day and it rained sometimes but it wasn’t cold like it can be in Consett.’

‘We also visited a Spanish school,’ said Emma. ‘It was very different to our Academy – it was a very old building.’

Emma, Logan and James all agreed that their favourite thing about the trip was the new friends they made from the different countries who were taking part in the programme.