Maths Challenge Club

January has seen the launch of the new Maths Challenge Club with Mrs Beckett, for invited students in Years 9 and 10.

We have had two very productive sessions so far with around twenty students attending each session.

We have entered six teams into the Alan Turing Cryptography Competition, which is a national code cracking competition run by Manchester University. There have been two codes to crack so far and two of our Year 10 teams have made a particularly impressive start. Out of around 1000 teams nationwide, one of our teams were the 42nd team to complete the first code and one of our other teams were the 22nd team to complete the second code.

We had a very competitive team maths relay, where the teams had to solve a variety of challenging maths problems. One of the Year 9 teams were very excited to win this challenge, beating both of the Year 10 teams!

Our latest session was focused on preparing for the Intermediate Maths Challenge, which students will be sitting next week. All students worked together on past questions, discussing ideas, techniques, and different strategies for solving the different problems.

It has been fantastic to witness such enthusiasm and to hear students talking about their maths and sharing ideas, in order to solve some very challenging problems.

Good luck to all and we look forward to hearing about your future success.

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