High Expectations

We expect our students to be successful, whether that success is academic, sporting or in the contribution made to the wider life of the academy community. We expect the highest standards of behaviour and commitment to individual student success.

We will place great value on ensuring that your child becomes a responsible and conscientious adult. We believe that your child and our staff have the right to feel happy, supported and safe. We expect respect and regard for one another as members of the Academy and of the larger community and good manners and politeness will be important qualities in our students.

Everyone is expected to make a positive contribution to Academy life. Our code of conduct outlines our high expectations with regard to teaching and learning, behaviour and appearance. Your child is required to wear our official Academy uniform at all times.

Our aim for your child is to ensure that they will make the most of their individual abilities. Our highly qualified teachers and support staff will be dedicated to delivering an inspiring education that motivates your child, raises standards and provides a range of opportunities for future development into further and higher education or training.

Recognition and Reward

We strive for excellence and aim to recognise student achievement throughout the Academy and at every level. During all key stages students will be rewarded for a wide range of achievements, including academic success, sporting excellence and good attendance. Celebrating success motivates and inspires high standards of student achievement and self discipline.


Consett Academy’s definition of good behaviour is:

“Students demonstrate respect for themselves and all others while embracing the challenges of learning”

Consett Academy aims to develop in its students the ability to exercise self-discipline and procedures are designed to this end.

Rewarding Good Behaviour

High levels of motivation should be developed in various ways.  In particular, the achievements and contributions of pupils, both as individuals and groups, should be recognised and commended.  The Academy uses Class Charts to monitor student behaviour.  Parents have access to their own child’s profile.  This profile shows the positive rewards and also the areas that the Academy do not deem acceptable behaviour. This can be done using:-

  • individual praise - eg. in private; in assembly; in class
  • the awarding of achievement points
  • mention in Academy periodicals such as newsletters, student views etc.
  • awarding of Prizes
  • presentation of Achievement Certificates
  • classroom teacher commendation to the Head of Department, Achievement Leader, Assistant Director of School and/or Director of School

Rewards Schemes

The rewards schemes reflect the Academy Principles of Inclusion, Progression and Excellence and are awarded at the end of each term.
These rewards include:

  •  Café Treats
  •  Pin Badges
  •  Days out
  •  Activity sessions within the Academy
  •  Certificates
  •  Metro Centre Vouchers

In each case, the students who are eligible for these rewards must demonstrate good attendance and good behaviour both in and out of the classroom.

Page reviewed and updated April 2019