Student Support

Who Does what?

Progress Tutors

These are the staff our students see every afternoon during tutorial time. They take registers, check uniform and equipment and ensure our students are supported during their time at the Academy. 

The Progress tutors follow a weekly Tutor Activity program which includes reading, current affairs issues, attendance and progress checks and a half termly tutor challenge.

Year Managers

The key role of our year managers is to support our students in their behaviour, attendance and welfare. They do not have a teaching timetable and are accessible to our students throughout the Academy day. As they stay with their year group from Year 7 through to Year 11 they get to know both parents and students well and are able to build relationships which last and support all students to achieve their best. As such gain a huge amount of important information on them which in turn allows them to reach their full potential.

Achievement Leaders

Achievement Leaders are responsible for the progress and welfare of all of the students in their year group. They work hand in hand with Year Managers to support the wellbeing of all children in their year group. They continually monitor the progress and attainment of every student and will look to work with all to help achieve their targets and aspirations. They celebrate success through contact home, certificates and other rewards and where necessary coordinate the involvement of other staff and outside agencies to support learning.