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Academy Life

We will work in partnership with our local community and all those who share our core values of Inclusion, Progression and Excellence. Above all we will work in partnership with all those who form our Academy community, staff students and parents, to create a successful, thriving academy.

We aim to be a learning environment which is valued by learners, their families and the extended community. WE aim to become the heart of the community that WE serve, to develop strong links with all members and to provide learning opportunities for people of all ages.

Primary Partners

We acknowledge the importance of working closely with our primary school partners. This will minimise stress and anxiety for students and parent/carers. It will also ensure continuity between the primary and secondary stages, so that the progress your child makes in primary school is sustained and built on at our Academy.

Partnership with Parents and Carers

Here at the Academy we understand and value the vital role that parents and carers play in their child’s education and we will develop close links with you. We want to encourage you to take an active role in the Academy and provide support for your child’s education. We will support you in encouraging your child to access the range of learning opportunities, that will be delivered beyond the Academy day.

Clear and frequent communication is important to enable you to support your child. We will offer regular opportunities throughout the year, for you to monitor your child’s progress and to talk to teaching staff.

Communication between the Academy and home will take various forms: Academy newsletters, letters, telephone conversations, meetings and online access via our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE).