Curriculum Options Process 2019


Options Booklet 2019 v1Options Choice form 2019

Up until now, the subjects you have followed have been chosen for you. This is now changing as you can choose to follow certain subjects at GCSE in Key Stage 4. Some subjects you select will be ones you have taken before but there is also an opportunity to follow new subjects.

Having the opportunity to choose the subjects that will make up your studies is an exciting one. It can also be daunting as it is important to make sure that your choices allow you to pursue interests and career aspirations in the future.

Each year we review our curriculum offer in order to be able to offer a range of options to suit all abilities, skills and interests. The courses recommended to you are designed to ensure that you can meet your full potential and pursue the career aspirations that you may have.

The Options booklet (below) is part of the process to help you to find out more about the subjects on offer and to provide you with some guidance in selecting your choices.  

Our aim is to support you in making these decisions, and there is the opportunity to meet with a member of senior staff within the Academy to discuss your options further should you require this.