Our staff

The Academy structure can be split into three main areas, Teaching & Learning, Learning Support and Corporate Services and all combine to ensure that our commitment to 'students first' is achieved in everything we do.

The three main areas can be further sub divided as follows:

Teaching & Learning

This area consists of the departments, or directorates as they are termed within the academy as well as Teaching Staff with specific responsibility for achievement;

  • English, Maths, Science, Sport & Performance, Technology & Creative Arts, Modern Foreign Languages and Humanities form the directorates within the Academy.
  • These directorates include individual subject areas such as Biology, Chemistry, Geography, History etc

Learning Support

The Learning Support area works very closely with the teaching area within the classroom and external to the classroom on a smaller group/one to one basis. Learning Support also includes the managers who are responsible for individual year groups in terms of pastoral support.

Corporate Services

This area is wide and varied extending from administrative support, through to site management, data & examinations and human resources management.

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