Year 11 Mock Examination Timetable March 2018

Year 12 Mock Examination Timetable March 2018

Year 13 Mock Examination Timetable March 2018

GCSE Examination Timetable June 2018

Formal Examination Guidance

In preparation for your son/daughters forthcoming external formal examinations, please find below guidelines that are supplied by the Joint Council that all students must follow, before, during and after the examination.  Failure to do so, may jeopardise their GCSE qualifications.

If students fail to attend an examination without medical authorisation they may be subject to payment for the examination(s) that they have missed.  We would also advise that if behaviour is not acceptable and your son/daughter is removed from the main examination hall and individual invigilation is required that these costs will also be payable by the parents/carers.  

As the student’s approach the final months of their education, it is important that they have a clear revision plan and that they are focused on their preparation for exams. This should include attendance at our Extended School Day and Holiday study sessions as well as being fully committed to all work completed in class.  Students should also be spending time at home revising whether it be through completion of exam papers or accessing revision materials via the VLE or printed resources.  Please see our revision guidance.

If you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr Seed (Achievement Leader Year 11), Mrs Moncur(Year Manager Year 11) or Mrs Somerville.