Contact Details

Ashdale Road,


Co Durham


Tel: (01207) 507001



Child Protection

During normal school hours, If you have any safeguarding concerns regarding students at Consett Academy please contact Mr G Ankers, or Mrs R Somerville.   

Out of hours please contact - First Contact Service 0845850501

Key members of staff

Parents are able to contact all Year Managers direct on their mobile phones.

Year 7 - Miss J Shorton, Achievement Leader  - Mrs K Hopper, Year Manager.  07866977228

Year 8 - Mr N Elsender, Achievement Leader - Mrs K Wynn Year Manager. 07780 431914

Year 9 - Mr P Dodd, Achievement Leader - Mrs C Stokoe, Year Manager. 07866977541

Year - 10 Mr B Crowder, Achievement Leader - Mrs K Moncur, Year Manager. 07818 532481

Year 11 - Mrs K Robb, Achievement Leader - Mrs P Watts, Year Manager.  07818 455756

Year 12 - Mrs G Jackson, Achievement Leader

Year 13 - Mrs H Berriman


Mrs Christine Connolly - Corporate Services Communication Manager.