Contact Details

Ashdale Road,



Tel: (01207) 507001



General Enquires

If you have any general enquiries one of our Reception Team will be happy help you.

Child Protection

During normal school hours, If you have any safeguarding concerns regarding students at Consett Academy please contact Mr G Ankers, or Mrs R Somerville.   

Out of hours please contact - First Contact Service 0845850501

Key Members of Staff

Parents are able to contact all Year Managers direct on their mobile phones.

Year 7 - Miss J Shorton, Achievement Leader  - Mrs K Hopper, Year Manager.  07866977228

Year 8 - Mr N Elsender, Achievement Leader - Mrs K Wynn Year Manager. 07780 431914

Year 9 - Mr P Dodd, Achievement Leader - Mrs C Stokoe, Year Manager. 07866977541

Year - 10 Mr B Crowder, Achievement Leader - Mrs K Moncur, Year Manager. 07818 532481

Year 11 - Mrs K Robb, Achievement Leader - Mrs P Watts, Year Manager.  07818 455756

Year 12 - Mrs G Jackson, Achievement Leader

Year 13 - Mrs H Berriman

Compliments, Comments and Complaints

Mrs Christine Connolly - Corporate Services & Communication Manager.