Transport Update from Durham County Council

Durham County Council’s Integrated Passenger Transport group will be conducting school transport monitoring exercises at various schools throughout September.

The exercises are part of a desire to improve our school transport services, and to support their operation with an increased presence on the ground in the first weeks of term.  Staff will be chiefly checking pupil bus passes as they board or alight buses in the school grounds, ensuring that pupils have the correct authorisation to travel or have been instructed correctly if they attempt to board without authorisation.  In addition, the exercises may help to identify any other issues with the operation of school transport services.

The monitoring checks will be relatively small-scale and typically focus on a sample of vehicles at the school site at each visit. More than one exercise may be carried out at each school, and the exercises may be carried out on either mornings or afternoons.  Pupils without the correct authorisation to travel will usually be issued with a letter to give to their parent / carer, and may be directed to the school office for further information.

Further monitoring exercises may be carried out periodically during the school year.