Year 7 English Literature Comes to Life

Year 7 students were thrilled to discover that they were taking learning outside the classroom and into the kitchen.  Having studied ‘The Scarecrow and the Servant’ by Philip Pullman, students were exposed not only to the literature of such an exciting text, but also the culture and customs of Italy, where the book is set.

The cooking lesson provided an opportunity to develop communication skills by working with students in Year 8.  Students also demonstrated their revision skills by giving examples of imperative verbs whilst cooking and preparing their pizza.  All students enjoyed eating their pizza at the end of the lesson, and felt very proud of their achievements. 

“I enjoyed working with the Year 8 students; the best part was making the dough” (Bailey Duxfield, Year 7)

“I liked learning about Italy whilst we read the book; I really want to visit Italy when I am older”  (Molly Gilmore, Year 7)


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