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  • Safer Internet Day 9th February 2016
    9th February 2016

    Today is Safer Internet Day, and the theme of this year's awareness campaign is Play your part for a safer internet. Reports this morning highlight the worrying scale of online bullying, trolling and harassment among children and young people, and draw attention to the fact that our children are beginning to access online gaming and social networking at an ever younger age. While the internet is an incredibly useful and popular resource, both academic and social, for children and young people, it can also be a frightening space where they are all too often exposed to pernicious influences and cruel treatment. Equally, the personal information that even very young children post online about themselves can leave them vulnerable to harassment and online predators. Moreover, the fact that 24-hour access to the internet is something most young people take for granted now, and that our children are often far more skilled and confident at using the internet than we are, makes the business of protecting them from online harm all the more pressing and challenging. Read More

  • Thank you HMNB Faslane for our visit and tour of a Submarine base

    Thank you HMNB Faslane for our visit and tour of a Submarine base
    5th February 2016

    On Friday 29th of January, a small group of sixth form students from the Academy were given the opportunity to see a real life application of cutting edge science and technology on board a Royal Navy nuclear submarine. Following a long drive up to HMNB Faslane, west of Glasgow, students had the opportunity to tour a cutting edge Astute class submarine and talk to senior naval staff about life as a Submariner. The day began with a lunchtime seminar with a Submarine Captain, Navigator and a Naval Nuclear Engineer. Our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) orientated students asked questions about how the subjects they are learning about in Academy lessons are applied in the Navy. Next stop on the day, was a short training session for our students in the Navy’s submarine simulators, with students trying to save “the boat” from a number of perilous situations. The trainers agreed that our students were all fast learners, and quickly adapted to the pressure of an underwater emergency. The highlight of the trip for all however, was boarding an in service Astute class nuclear submarine for a tour of all the key areas from the control room, torpedo tubes, sonar, bunks, and finally the mess for cup of strong naval tea. Speaking to students on the way back from the trip, they had gained a much wider understanding of the role of the submarine service, with some considering applying to the Navy in the future to pursue an engineering based career. Most importantly, they all felt the trip had been both interesting and enjoyable, and we hope we can take another group of students for this experience in the future. Read More

  • Sixth Form Students prepare for their trip to European Parliament in Strasbourg

    Sixth Form Students prepare for their trip to European Parliament in Strasbourg
    5th February 2016

    In December, five students from Years 12 and 13 at Consett Academy won the opportunity to spend the day at Tyneside Pop-Up Film School in Newcastle. The competition, run by the Euroscola project, through County Durham Council, required them to write a script using different languages spoken throughout Europe. Read More

  • You've been spotted

    You've been spotted
    1st February 2016

    Congratulations to Nicole Atkinson who received a 'You've been spotted' card by Dance City inviting her to audition for the prestigious CAT Programme. Read More

  • Environmental Campaign

    Environmental Campaign
    1st February 2016

    Members of our student council which is made up of 50 students from all year groups 7-11 have this week launched an environmental campaign. They have been working closely with our local waste management company, R W Lister and will be educating students about the importance of recycling. Read More

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