Student Support & Transition

Student Progress and Welfare – Who Does what?

Learning Tutors

These are the staff our students see every afternoon during a Student Support Period (SSP). They take registers, check uniform and equipment and ensure our students are well prepared to start their day of learning.

The Learning tutors follow a weekly Tutor Activity program which includes reading, current affairs issues, attendance and progress checks and a half termly tutor challenge. This half term, the tutor challenge is based on charity work.

Year Managers

The key role of our year managers is to support our students in their behaviour, attendance and welfare. They do not have a teaching timetable and are accessible to our students throughout the Academy day. As they stay with their year group from Year 8 through to Year 11 they are experts on these students and as such gain a huge amount of important information on them which in turn allows them to reach their full potential.

Achievement Leaders

Achievement Leaders are responsible of the progress and welfare of all of the students in their year group. They work hand in hand with Year Managers to support the wellbeing of all children in their year group. They continually monitor the progress and attainment of every student and will look to work with all to help achieve their targets and aspirations. They celebrate success through contact home, certificates and other rewards and where necessary coordinate the involvement of other staff and outside agencies to support learning.

Transition and SEND at Consett Academy

Consett Academy values the importance of positive transitions for all students coming into the Academy, moving through the Academy and ultimately leaving the Academy. The Academy works closely with all local feeder primary schools delivering a wide range of transition events for years 4, 5 and 6.

Additional and different year 6 transition programmes run throughout the summer term of year 6 aimed at reducing stress and anxiety for specific, identified students. Parents are encouraged to make an appointment to come and visit the Academy, meet key staff and discuss transition and support.

Similarly students are encouraged to consider their future throughout all key stages, working closely with Academy staff and outside agencies to ensure students, parents and receiving schools, colleges and universities are fully prepared for the move.


  • To help students develop new friendships and in doing this, building their self-esteem and confidence.
  • To help student settle straight into the Academy so that parents are significantly less worried or anxious about this major change.
  • For students to show an increased interest in school and school work by providing a broad and balanced curriculum that meets each individual needs
  • To introduce students EARLY to new routines and so that they pick them up with ease once at the Academy.

*In addition to the Year 6 induction day, the SEN department organise bespoke taster days for students who are particularly anxious about the move into the Academy, this is co-ordinated by Sara Ebbing (SENCO).

Settling in - We place a high priority on ensuring our new Year 7 students have the best start possible by ensuring we place students in the correct Learning Tutor Groups so that they are with familiar friends yet, have the opportunity to make new friends with students who have similar interests.

In order to effectively do this, the Academy Transition Team spend time visiting each Primary School and meet with the Year 6 teacher to discuss the needs, likes and dislikes of each individual student.

We also ask students and parents to complete a short questionnaire about themselves which is used to generate an individual profile for each student.  This information aids in the grouping process and assists us in ensuring a secure and happy start for each student at the beginning and throughout their time at Consett Academy.

The extras

Team building Residential- In the Autumn term, the Academy subsidises a residential trip to an outward bound centre where students can consolidate new friendships, work together to overcome fears and solve problems in teams whilst having fun in the outdoors.  (Photos taken on the trip can be viewed in the gallery section)

Sporting Events- Members of the PE department organise a series of sporting events throughout the year which encourage students from as young as Year 1 to attend the Academy to participate in competitive and non-competitive sporting events.  These events are supported by students from the Academy who have gained their Young Leaders qualifications.

What do the students think?

“At the weekend Year 7's went to Kingswood near Hexham.Kingswood is an outdoor activity centre. We were sorted into the groups and dormitories.

“We only stayed for one night but we did loads of activities in that time - we got to go on a zip line, quad bike, 3G swing, Jacobs Ladder (which is a giant ladder). We were exhausted when we got back - but it was awesome.” (Callum, Year 7)

“ I enjoyed my transition events because we were able to explore the new school” (Lauren Mitcheson, Year 7)

“ I enjoyed my transition events because I made lots of new friends and I was worried about not knowing anyone at first.  I especially enjoyed my science day when we got to hold real fire” (Mark Vinton and Tarran Vickers, Year 7)

“ I enjoyed visiting the Academy when I was in Year 6, especially when we came to do CDT.  This is my favourite subject as I had not been able to make things with wood before” (Katie Lewins, Year 7)

SEN Provision

Consett Academy serves to meet the needs of all students.

We currently work with students with a wide variety of needs including those with:

  •  Cognition and Learning Needs
  •  Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties
  •  Communication and Interaction Needs
  •  Sensory and/or Physical Needs

Pupil assessment is on-going and vital in the support and development of our students, informing practice and provision. Additional to subject assessment all students are assessed for basic literacy and cognition levels at the beginning of year 7. All assessments can be used as an initial referral to the SEND team.

Consett Academy applies the ‘Assess, Plan, Do & Review’ process for all students with identified concerns or needs. It is important that this process is done hand in hand with pupils, family and other external agents or professionals, where the young person is central to the process.

Consett Academy places responsibility for effective teaching and learning of all Academy students, including SEND, firmly with the classroom teacher, reflecting the principle that SEND is a whole Academy issue.