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Directors Report & Financial Statements - Year End 31.8.2012

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Y8 Achievement Leader 7.11.2018 7th November 2018196 KB Documents Download
KS3 Homework Letter 25.10.2018 25th October 2018377 KB Documents Download
It is with deep sadness 23rd October 2018117 KB Documents Download
Curiosity Hour 19th October 2018185 KB Documents Download
Year 11 Assessment Examinations Oct 2018 9th October 2018509 KB Letters to Parents Download
Y13 Open Evening 17.10.2018 9th October 2018187 KB Letters to Parents Download
Year 7 Welcome Letter 4th October 2018100 KB Letters to Parents Download
Night at the Museum Letter 3rd October 201886 KB Documents Download
Parents' Forum 2018 3rd October 2018219 KB Letters to Parents Download
Cyberfirst Event 3.11.208 3rd October 201886 KB Letters to Parents Download
Keeping Children Safe in School 2018 1st October 2018853 KB Documents Download
Year 12 Progress Tutor Evening 11.10.2018 28th September 2018178 KB Letters to Parents Download
Year 7 Progress Tutor Evening Information 28th September 2018187 KB Letters to Parents Download
Ready Steady Read Parental letter and sponsor form 26th September 2018231 KB Documents Download
Year 11 Sixth Form Open Evening Parental Letter 17th September 2018186 KB Documents Download
Final week of term July 2018 13th July 201894 KB Documents Download
Author Visit parental letter - July 2018 10th July 2018360 KB Documents Download
Expression of interest - Ypres, Beligum Trip November 2018 29th June 2018200 KB Letters to Parents Download
Year 11 Leavers update parental letter 8th June 2018208 KB Letters to Parents Download
Confirmation of the change to the school day - September 2018 6th June 201884 KB Documents Download
Uniform update/reminder - May 2018 25th May 201885 KB Letters to Parents Download
Year 11 Exam support parental letter - May 2018 24th May 201883 KB Letters to Parents Download
LGB members and Interests April 2018 16th May 2018131 KB Documents Download
LGB List of Members March 2018 16th May 2018120 KB Documents Download
Proposed changes to Academy Day - September 2018 30th April 201889 KB Letters to Parents Download
Parent Privacy Notice 21.2.18 v2 30th April 2018 Documents Download
Supplier Privacy Notice 27th April 2018128 KB Documents Download
Customer Privacy Notice 27th April 2018130 KB Documents Download
Children Looked After Privacy Notice 27th April 2018138 KB Documents Download
Parent/Carer Privacy Notice 27th April 2018114 KB Documents Download
Student Privacy Notice 27th April 2018139 KB Documents Download
Non Uniform Day - 4th May 2018 26th April 2018182 KB Documents Download
CA FSM changes parental letter and new application form 19th April 2018 Documents Download
CA Year 7 Parents Evening 15th May 2018 (002) 18th April 2018 Documents Download
CA Year 9 Parents Evening 1st May 2018 18th April 2018 Documents Download
Year 11 Revision Timetable Easter Holidays 20th March 2018197 KB Letters to Parents Download
Attendance & Punctuality parental letter 16th March 2018250 KB Letters to Parents Download
Year 13 Mock Exam timtable - March 2018 16th March 201846 KB Documents Download
Year 12 Mock Exam timetable - March 2018 15th March 201846 KB Documents Download
Teachers 2 Parents Letters 8th March 2018141 KB Documents Download
Year 10 CA exam timetable Feb - v1 21st February 2018 Documents Download
Year 10 CA exam parental letter February 2018 21st February 2018 Documents Download
Year 11 Mock Examination Timetable - January 2018 22nd December 201736 KB Documents Download
Year 8 Parents Evening Letter 20th December 2017200 KB Letters to Parents Download
Year 12 Assessment Window Examinations 6th December 2017187 KB Letters to Parents Download
Inspire Day Year 9 6th December 2017194 KB Letters to Parents Download
Year 11 Revision and Intervention Timetable Oct '17 - Jan '18 1st December 2017 Documents Download
Northumbria University - Higher Education Outreach Activity Day – 1st December 2017 28th November 201795 KB Letters to Parents Download
Sunderland Univeristy STEM Visit 19th December 2017 23rd November 201794 KB Documents Download
Year 7, 8 & 9 Assessment Window Timetable 22nd November 201756 KB Documents Download
External Examinations January 2018 21st November 201742 KB Documents Download
Academy Careers Fair 2018 Reply Form 16th November 201763 KB Documents Download
Academy Careers Fair Reply Form 16th November 2017165 KB Documents Download
Year 7 Science After School Club 10th November 201775 KB Letters to Parents Download
CERN Visit to Switzerland Letter 8th November 201791 KB Letters to Parents Download
2017 Year 11 Intervention Session - Oct - Dec 8th November 2017203 KB Documents Download
External Examinations Oct 17 - Jan 18 - V1 28.9.17 28th September 2017190 KB Documents Download
Parents E-safety guide 16th January 2012927 KB Documents Download