About Us

Consett Academy brought together Consett Community Sports College and Moorside Community Technology College, providing education for 1,500 11-16 year olds and 16-19 year olds.

We are committed to building upon the achievements and considerable successes of the predecessor schools with the specialisms of technology and sport being retained. A new focus on sustainability and 21st century technology embedded across the whole school will be created. This will enable all students to successfully take their place in the education, employment and skills markets of the future. Our Academy  opened its doors in January 2012 and we will move to a new purpose built cutting-edge campus and associated sports facilities in 2014.

Our Academy is based on the three principles of Inclusion, Progression and Excellence.

  • The principle of Inclusion will provide opportunities for students of all abilities, aspirations and backgrounds involving staff, governors, students and the wider community in determining the future of the new school. The curriculum will be broad and challenging, with student success and achievement at the heart of our mission.
  • To encourage Progression our new school will provide effective advice and guidance. This enables learners to make informed and appropriate decisions for future study and employment, encouraging them to take part in new challenges and aim for higher levels of achievement.
  • The focus on Excellence will underpin all activities and expectations. We will  provide the highest quality teaching and learning, providing leadership and help students to achieve to the very best of their abilities.