Careers Information Advice & Guidance (CIAG)

At Consett Academy the Careers Information Advice Guidance (CIAG) is delivered during Inspire Days, Tutor Time, Enrichment time, careers week and individual sessions. During the sessions there is a variety of teaching and learning approaches used, including:

  • IT (websites for research and diagnostic questionnaires, software programmes, power point presentations)
  • Talks from outside visitors
  • Discussion with whole class group
  • Group activity/role play
  • Group presentations

Students take part in specific sessions during Inspire Days where activities include; guidance and support for future careers, researching future choices, the world of work, labour market information, selecting college and university courses, apprenticeships, job applications, advice on interview skills, training opportunities as well as help with Personal Statements and CVs.

The careers fair is an organised yearly to help students explore their future career steps.  The event includes speakers from colleges, Universities (talking on a range of topics), apprenticeship providers, businesses and education Partnerships and speakers on a range of occupational areas. The event is organised through our business forum group and with the network of local employers.

Enrichment is timetabled Friday period 5 for all students, within the year 11 time students follow a careers programme ‘Next Steps’. The sessions include:

  • Investigating ideas and options for moving on within colleges, sixth form, apprenticeships and training providers
  • Key Skills Development increasing and raising awareness of student’s Key Skills
  • The application process, creating a CV and writing a covering letter
  • Mock interviews and presenting yourself successfully
  • Online support
  • Motivation and goal setting
  • Time Management
  • Labour market index and looking ahead
  • Choosing future routes and making applications

Within Key Stage 5 Inspire days students take part in a range of sessions including visits to university, sessions run by outside speakers as well as working through the UCAS application process. This means that students register with UCAS and begin the process of producing a Personal Statement linked to their desired course/s or alternatively give a clear and succinct account of their achievements, areas of interest, strengths and intended future steps. 

Current Opportunities for Consett Academy Students

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Careers Week

During Supporting Student Progress (SSP) time there is a whole school week focused on careers. Every tutor group across all year groups follow a program of activities based around the world of work from the basics of what the terminology means to challenging stereotypes and raising aspirations.

Provision of Individual and Impartial Information, Advice and Guidance (IAG)

The Academy provides careers guidance through the careers advisor and external providers on individual bases where:

  • Year 11 students identified as needing individual guidance
  • Small groups of students - using diagnostic and reflective form
  • Sixth form students needing help when considering their future options and to give practical help with the university process

A system of referral exists in school whereby:

  • Students, tutors or teachers can make a referral to the Careers Adviser for student/themselves
  • The Careers Adviser will organise, as appropriate and practical, for the student to have specific and formal careers guidance or advice
  • This is available for all students but will be promoted particularly during year 11-13

Other avenues that offer access to balanced information, advice and guidance are as follows:

  • PSHE teacher (within the timetabled PSHE (Inspire Time)
  • Senior Management Team during annual interviews
  • Form Tutor (during tutor time or tutorial interviews and mentoring sessions)
  • Occasional drop-in clinics offered via notice board and assembly these are held during lunch break which is lead by internal and external staff in the LRC
  • Open door policy of LRC ensuring access to resources for all students

Year 9 Options

  • Students have access to information, advice and guidance to help them make their choices for GCSE's during an Inspire day and options evening
  • Students are encouraged to consider their future career ideas and subjects interests
  • Parents have access to information, advice and guidance via the options evening

Post 16 Options

  • Year 11 students have the opportunity to talk to teachers and students currently studying in Year 12 as well as taking part in taster sessions provided at college
  • Students have the opportunity to find out about the A level/IB/BTec/NVQ subjects offered post-16 through school and college and also apprenticeship opportunities through talks given by visiting speakers
  • An open evening takes place to enable parents and students to hear about opportunities within the Sixth Form
  • Students are also able to explore opportunities offered during Enrichment time as well as during Inspire days
  • A Team Building Day is offered to all new Year 12 students as part of their induction

Gateshead College

Gateshead College - Gateshead College's Career Guidance Team is available to support our year 11s when making decisions on their future. The team, who were recently awarded a Beacon award for outstanding careers guidance support, are available during the Easer holidays and Summer Half Term holidays for Year 11 students who are unsure about their future plans. Their advice is free, friendly and independent and their goal is to make individuals make well-informed decisions about their future plans.

Appointments will be at the Baltic Campus and can be booked by contacting the Careers Guidance Service on 0191 490 2216 or