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What is it all about?

Overall Aims

What makes and Able, Gifted and Talented student?

How are Able, Gifted and Talented students identified?

How are Able, Gifted and Talented students supported?

Useful Links for Parents


What is it all about?

At Consett Academy we aim to ensure that all students receive a challenging and engaging education throughout their school career. However, we recognise that our most able students require additional support and nurture to achieve their full potential.


Overall Aims

To maximise achievement and progress for our students by providing high challenge lessons

  1. To inspire and raise aspirations for our students
  2. To foster independence and a love of learning
  3. To ensure progression to higher academic institutes and careers


What makes an Able, Gifted and Talented student?

Able, Gifted and Talented students will have high attainment, however the skills they exhibit may also include:

  • Very good memory
  • Know how they learn and can monitor their learning
  • Can reach decisions quickly
  • Can get to the essentials of a situation speedily
  • Can see alternatives to a learning situation
  • Like making tasks complex
  • Can concentrate at will for long periods
  • Learn more quickly
  • Have a greater depth of learning
  • Take their learning further
  • Are autonomous learners
  • Be goal orientated and can sustain their efforts, inside and outside the classroom
  • Ready to challenge accepted ways of doing things
  • Able to easily recognize patterns and relationships
  • Be very curious about events and how things work
  • Able to process complex information quickly
  • Able to model using abstract ideas or convert abstract ideas to a simple understandable model
  • Good at problem solving and can use a range of approaches
  • Can make links between different areas of a subject
  • Capable of recognizing the general from the particular
  • Can spot inconsistencies in arguments and approaches
  • Are very creative
  • Have a good memory for general principles and specific details
  • Have talents in specific areas such as art, music, drama, language, technology, mathematics, sport etc
  • Display leadership skills


How are Able, Gifted and Talented students identified?

Students who come to Consett Academy from their primary schools with exceptional Key Stage 2 SATs results will automatically be placed on the register

Our ongoing monitoring will also be used as the basis for nominations to the register.

How are Able, Gifted and Talented students supported?

Students are supported by differentiation strategies within lessons

  • Task: Pupils may be given different tasks based on what they already know and can do. Tasks may be differentiated in terms of difficulty or degree of challenge.
  • Outcome: Pupils may work on the same task but the teacher has different expectations for what they will achieve.
  • Resources: Pupils may be given a common task but work with a range of different resources, some of which require a greater level of reading or research skills.
  • Input: Pupils may be given the same task but some will have more detailed instructions, whereas others may have only minimal guidance.
  • Information: Pupils may be set a common task but the kind of information they work with and the texts they use may be different, with some pupils being expected to handle more complex information and concepts.
  • Choice: Pupils may be given choice in what tasks they undertake or how they handle the content of the learning task.
  • Open-ended tasks: Pupils may work on a task for which there is no particular right answer or outcome and each is then free to explore different approaches.
  • Alternative ways of recording: Pupils may be encouraged to record their work in a variety of ways, some of which may require a higher level of imagination, performance or skill.
  • Role: Pupils may work on the same task but each is given a particular role, some of which are more demanding than others, including the task of teaching a skill or process to others.
  • Grouping: Pupils may have a common task but are grouped according to ability and expected to perform at a level appropriate to their ability.
  • Homework: Pupils may be set different kinds or amount of homework according to their abilities and interests.

Students will also be offered a range of externally provided activities through funding by the Derwent Valley Area Action Partnership who have provided a grant to support an enrichment programme for our most able students.


Useful Links for Parents

The National Association for Gifted Children The NAGC provides resources and services for students, parents and teachers.  (Charges for membership -have you joined?  Tell us if it was worthwhile in the forums...)

The National Association for Able Children in Education Targetted more at teachers than students and parents, this site has guidance on teaching gifted children.

Villiers Park Educational Trust A local charity providing courses for students and teachers.

Kid Source An American site with useful advice.

Mind Sports Worldwide A site with mind-stretching games and puzzles.


The following sites have junior music schools at weekends:

The Royal College of Music


The Academy of Contemporary Music


The Guildhall School of Music and Drama


Physical Education Home contains PE Gifted and Talented Infomation.


The Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme has information for athletes and coaches.


These sites have some extra resources for the mathematicians:


The National Cipher Challenge


The United Kingdom Mathematics Trust