Students in uniform

For all Year groups:

  • Grey Business Jacket with embroidered Academy logo (separate male & female fit)
  • Tie: Years 7 to 10 – Blue and grey striped clip on tie Year 11 – Grey and blue striped tie
  • White Shirt
  • Black loose fitting, formal trousers or Skirt (knee length which can be straight or pleated)
  • Black Shoes (not trainer-style shoes, boots or plimsolls. Wellington boots may be worn in snow but the aforementioned must be brought and worn once students are in school).
  • Plain black belt, no more than 3 cm wide, if required.

Optional item: Academy black jumper with blue strip – no alternative is acceptable.

Sports kit

Navy and sky blue Academy sports tops (indoor and outdoor)

  • Navy shorts
  • Navy tracksuit bottoms
  • Navy blue sports socks
  • Football boots or training shoes

Additional items that can be purchased:

  • Rain jacket with Academy logo

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Personal Appearance

We are always conscious of health and safety risks both to the owner and others in the wearing of jewellery.  Therefore the only jewellery allowed is a wrist watch.    

Piercings, facial or bodily, are not allowed due to Health and Safety considerations.

In the Academy's programme of Personal and Social Education we ask pupils to consider their appearance and the impression it makes on others.  This is particularly important when on interview or representing the Academy for instance.


Make-up, if worn at all, should be discreetly used and not be excessive. Nail varnish and nail decoration is not allowed. 

Hair styles

Hair Styles should be practical, clean and suitable for a working environment. In this academy, hairstyles representing various cults e.g. punk, mohican, hair shaved in bands, stripes, initials or dyed in unnatural colours are unacceptable. Eyebrows shaved in stripes are also unacceptable.

  • Plain black or navy head scarf as appropriate, no jewellery within the head scarf
  • School bag as appropriate to carry all equipment needed for the day

Pupils should not bring large sums of money or any valuable items into the Academy.  If there is no alternative they should hand them to a member of staff for safe keeping.

In Partnership with Tesco

We have a partnership with Tesco Consett, and their clothing department has agreed to keep a note of the trousers which we deem as suitable for our uniform. If they do not have the trousers in stock, there is a touch screen booth where you can order the trousers and they will be delivered in store within a few days.

All of the trousers below are suitable uniform for Consett Academy.

We do not accept skinny fit trousers, jeans or leggings
as part of our uniform.


• F&F Jersey School Trousers (Black)
• F&F School trousers (Black)
• F&F Girls belted school trousers (Black)
• F&F Basics straight leg trousers (Black)
• F&F Straight leg formal trousers (Black)


• F&F 2 pack of boys school trousers (Black)
• F&F boys pleat front trousers (Black)
• F&F 2 pack of boys pleat front school trousers (Black)
• F&F Black regular fit trousers (Black)
• F&F Black tailored fit trousers