Boosting Progress for our Year 7 students

In recent years we have received funding from the government to provide additional support to students in Year 7 who entered the Academy with a SAT score below Level 4 in either English or Maths.

As we know it is vital these students catch up as quickly as possible as so much of a student’s achievement across their different subjects is based on literacy and numeracy.

For 2013-14 we received £20,500. We have further added to this to provide a detailed programme of support for these students.

This includes:

  • Appointing a middle leader who’s support, tracking and planning for these students is a core part of their responsibility. (£8006)

  • Appointing a colleague who’s specific role is to run extra small group Maths and English sessions, targeted solely at students entering the Academy on less than a Level 4 in English and Maths. (£19,129)

  • Purchasing Fresh Start and Shine programmes. These are bespoke programmes aimed at accelerating the development of literacy and numeracy skills. (£3,253)

  • Established a Less Than Level 4 team who meet to co-ordinate the approach to these students to ensure joined up approaches across English, Maths and core lessons and within the extra English and Maths sessions.

  • Provided additional English and Maths lesson time for lower ability students.

  • Developed a literacy and numeracy policy to develop these skills across all subject areas.

  • Refined our Explore timetable to focus on not only developing general literacy and numeracy skills but also to build directly on the work students are doing in their Maths and English lessons.

Curriculum Guide

Impact 2013-14

Most students who entered the Academy with SATs scores below Level 3 have made good progress in 2013-14.


Forty-three Year 7 students joined the Academy below a Level 3 in English. This was twenty-two percent of the cohort.  Of these only four students were assessed as below Level 4 in English when they reached the end of Year 7 and these four made progress across the year. Fifty-three percent of all the students joining the Academy at less than Level 3 made at least 2 sub-levels of progress.


Thirty-two students joined the Academy below Level 3 in Maths. The overwhelming majority of these student have made progress in Maths, with twelve of them making two or more sub-levels. In Maths these students tended to be further away from a Level 4 than the English students when they joined us, so it has been more challenging for them to reach a Level 4, but we are pleased that thirty-five percent of them reached a benchmark which was a real challenge.

We feel strongly that just because they are no longer in Year 7, does not mean we do not look to further accelerate these students through to Level 4 and beyond and therefore we continue to direct additional support to these students.