SEND Local Offer

The Government has asked all Local Authorities in the UK to publish, in one place, information about services and provision they expect to be available in their area for children and young people from 0 to 25 who have Special educational needs and/or a Disability (SEND). This is known as the Local Offer.

At Consett Academy we are committed to the equal inclusion of all pupils in all areas of Consett Academy life. We recognises the diverse and individual needs of all our pupils and take into account the additional support required by those children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND)

We have added information about our Local Offer on our website. If you like to discuss our Local Offer in detail please contact Consett Academy to arrange an appointment with Mrs S Ebbing.

You can find further information about the Local Offer on the County Durham FIS website.

School Admissions


SEN Provision

Consett Academy serves to meet the needs of all students. We currently work with students with a wide variety of needs including those with:

  •  Cognition and Learning Needs
  •  Social, Emotional and Mental Health Difficulties
  •  Communication and Interaction Needs
  •  Sensory and/or Physical Needs

Pupil assessment is on-going and vital in the support and development of our students, informing practice and provision. Additional to subject assessment all students are assessed for basic literacy and cognition levels at the beginning of year 7. All assessments can be used as an initial referral to the SEND team. Consett Academy applies the ‘Assess, Plan, Do & Review’ process for all students with identified concerns or needs. It is important that this process is done hand in hand with pupils, family and other external agents or professionals, where the young person is central to the process.

Consett Academy places responsibility for effective teaching and learning of all Academy students, including SEND, firmly with the classroom teacher, reflecting the principle that SEND is a whole Academy issue.


Agencies and Partnerships

We work with a wide range of external agencies in order to endure the highest level of support for our SEND students. Some of those agents include:

  • The Educational Psychology Service
  • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
  • The One Point Service
  • Improving Progression for Young People Team
  • ASD team
  • EAL Team
  • Speech and Language team
  • Emotional Well-being, Effective Learning Team

Contact Details

If you wish to discuss the Local Offer with a member of Consett Academy staff, please complete our website Contact us, Enquiry/Feedback section.  Can you please address your communication for the attention of Mrs S Ebbing, SENCO.


Please see our complaints policy located within our Policy Section.  In addition, if you have any concerns regarding to your child and their Special Educational Needs and you wish to contact the County Durham SEND Information Advice and Support Service. (SENDIASS)

County Durham SEND Information Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) is a statutory service supporting parents and Carers of children with special educational needs. County Durham SEND Information Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) provides confidential information, advice and support through a range of services. This includes home visits, attending school meetings and liaison with all services working with children and young people. Training and guidance to parents and schools on SEN issues are also provided. County Durham SEND Information Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) can be contacted on 03000 267 007.


If you would like to give us feedback on our SEND provision, please complete the Contact us, Enquiry/Feedback section on our website.  Can you please address your communication for the attention of North Campus, marked for the attention of Mrs S Ebbing, SENCO